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Snowball Tears

I shared the other day that when my house or my head gets too cluttered, I want to move. You may think I’m joking, but I really want to stick a sign in the front yard and get the hell out of Dodge! Considering economics and the current real estate market, cleaning offers a viable alternative for the house, and it generally improves the mood.

One place where I will never relocate is Alaska. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to visit and see the wondrous beauty of the last great frontier, but I’m certain I could not function with 20+ hours of dark during the winter months. My attitude suffers enough during the winter in Ohio.

Over the weekend I took the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D. It was actually warm enough to be outside with just a light coat and ear muffs. My son and I played in the snow, and we enjoyed a great snowball fight until he pelted me in the eye with an icy glob.

I collapsed and laid sobbing on the ground. Man, did it hurt! All of a sudden I realized I wasn’t going to be able to stop crying. By then my eye was runny and my nose was snotty; I was a wreck. He hunched over me and kept asking if I was O.K. I managed to grunt something to the affirmative and went inside for a few minutes to collect myself. I think he was ready to call 911, “Send someone quickly, my mom just lost a snowball fight and she won’t stop crying!”

I pulled myself together and headed back outdoors; I felt so bad for my son. He was trying to make peace, and it wasn’t his fault that I got hurt. Well, it wasn’t intentional anyway. He started gently lobbing snowballs in my direction. It was so cute.

He didn’t realize it, but he really did me a favor. I needed the tear release. I know I’ve talked about this before, but have you ever noticed how cleansing a few tears can be? I know there has been significant research conducted on the subject. The experts should have just called me; I could have saved them loads of money.

Sometimes I like to think that turning to food will help, but we know what a great answer that is. The effects of the tears strengthened when I went for a walk in the sunshine. I came home, and I was me again, and I knew everything was going to be O.K.

I hate when I struggle, but I know I have to just work through it. When I give myself the grace to do so, a resolution presents itself, but I would really like to schedule challenges. Wouldn’t that be nice? From 9:15 to 9:45 p.m. on Thursday, February 5, I foresee the need to totally fall apart. I will writhe on the floor in a fit of rage, sadness, etc. Poof, all done!

Nice try, in the meantime, I will practice doing what I know works, and if I need tears again, maybe I’ll ask someone to whack me in the face with a snowball. I’m sure I can get a taker. I’ll also grab every minute I can of sunshine because while Central Ohio may be a little on the gloomy side, at least we have a few hours of daylight!



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  1. This was a fantastic read, and some great point-weaving therein. I’m not a big cryer, but when I do it, I do it right. If one thing’s getting flushed out, it’s ALL getting flushed out.

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