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Fun Times

I hate to jinx myself, but I feel like I pulled myself out of the funk. I also cleaned my house. It amazes me what mopping a floor can do for my psyche. That may be a sad assessment of my life, but I’m a pretty simple woman. When my house gets too out of control, I want to sell my house and move to a condo.

Like many, we were snowed in this week, and I began my week with the desire to be one with an apple fritter. Since I couldn’t navigate my car up a steep icy driveway, I was stuck here. Just as well. I was stressed; weather changed my plans, and I was having difficulty with the transition. Donuts at that point would not have been a good option.

When I was a mother of a toddler, days challenged me on a regular basis, but then I discovered bubbles. Not just the little bubbles in the pink plastic cups, although those will do in a pinch, but those huge bubbles that you can step inside. Every afternoon, my son and I blew bubbles, and I learned it was virtually impossible to be in a bad mood when you hold a bubble wand. Try it…well, not now of course unless you live in Arizona, and you know who you are.

The point is that every day, I set aside time for fun. This causes a shift. I don’t know whether it is physical or mental, and it doesn’t matter; it just happens. Bubbles may have been out of the question the other day, but snowballs were plentiful! If you worry about having too much excitement or not having enough time, no need to despair, 15 minutes will get you where you need to be.

I cannot fill my days with reckless disregard for responsibility, but I think I can spare 15 minutes once in a while to relish some enjoyment. Don’t you? The snowball fight was delightful. It lightened everyone’s mood, and gave us all time to remember what we liked about our family.

The other day when we weren’t having such a great time in the Fast household, my son created The Top 10 Worst Things about Mom and Dad list. He slapped it on the fridge with a magnet. I saw it after the snowball fight, and I told him I would read it if he also created a Top 10 Best List. Some of the points for me included hypocrite, corrupt with power, crazy, evil, arrogant, good cook, open minded, doesn’t wear ugly hats, straight teeth. My husband’s list included bald spot is blinding, deranged psychopath, hogs the computer, uses too many pronouns, good skier, likes video games, can pick out a good coat, likes cats.

I’ll let you decide which fall into the good/bad columns. Considering it was generated from the perspective of a 14-year-old, I’m delighted with the list. We all laughed, and then we shared the 10 best things about him. He tried to look uninterested in the way that only a teenager can, but he listened. It was a beautiful moment, and we welcomed it as a family. We need occasional reminders that our home is a refuge not a place in which we want to escape. I used to think maybe I was a freak because life wasn’t EASY…I just wasn’t good enough at it. What I know now, is that peace takes effort to make it so.

So, I’m back on track and feel like I’m headed down a good path. I needed a little tweak and a little fun. I accept the bumps along the way and appreciate it when things level out again. Update on the apple fritter…I did have one today, but I enjoyed it mindfully with a great cup of coffee, and I was accountable for my choice.



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  1. I love to read your blog. Especially this latest one about 15 mins of having fun. You are a true inspiration ad you are helping me on my WW journey. And for that, I thank you!!!! Hugs, Angela

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