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Sugar Cravings

You know you’ve eaten too much sugar and are headed for trouble when:

10. Apple fritters call your name, and you hear them yelling from miles away!

9. You suddenly believe purchasing platters of brownies and cheesecake bites from Sam’s Club or Costco is the best idea you’ve ever entertained.

8. The people at Dairy Queen know you by name, and for liability reasons they believe you should be cut off.

7. You give road directions based on the proximity to Krispy Kreme franchises.

6. Your kid (or partner) says, “Are you really supposed to be eating that?”

5. You create a personalized fermentation center in your own stomach.

4. You feel like you’ve been living under water because your head is so clogged with ick.

3. You bake a batch of cookies for your kid’s recital, but they don’t quite make it there, and you have to stop on the way for more.

2. Your mood surpasses Smoky the Bear coming off crystal meth.

And the number one clue that you have eaten too much sugar and are headed for trouble…

1. You are so bloated and gassy that even the dog walks out of the room when you enter for fear of what you may leave behind!

Humor always helps me. Fortunately, things haven’t been as bad as my list indicates, but I may just print this out and post it somewhere as a reminder of where sugar can lead me.

I keep telling myself (and one day, I’ll shut up and listen), Life doesn’t have to be all good or all bad…sometimes it just IS. I CAN take care of myself and treat myself with respect. If I don’t do this for me, how in the world can I expect it from others? So, I’m brushing myself off and moving forward.

I’m still looking forward to assembling our group list of stress reliever strategies. For more info see Stress Relief.



One Response

  1. I eat almost zero sugar…. however, when I do, I get lethargic and just crave more…

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