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Create a Week in Seven Days

I recently made a commitment that I was going to practice life in seven day increments. Huh? That’s not much of a stretch since each of us wakes up seven days every week! Just hang on a second…

When I lost weight in the late 80s, I played numerous mind games and stumbled upon some really weird eating habits. Big surprise, I didn’t keep the weight off for very long. During this last passage, I promised myself honesty and accountability, mysteriously enough, the playoffs subsided. Eureka! I dropped the pounds and developed a maintenance plan; however, within the past couple months I made the executive decision to adopt a shorter week.

Time passed something like this: I weighed on Saturday, so nothing I ate the rest of the day really counted because it fell in no-man’s land…not part of this week, but not quite next week either. While this embarrasses me to admit, I’m confident I’m not the only one out there giving herself a “free day” on occasion. Hell, I know people who live by that rule, and it seems plausible for them, not so much for me.

It may work if it lasted only one day, but by Sunday, I craved sugar so badly that I needed to indulge in a little something or I was going to have to kill someone, let’s say, my husband! Then Monday rolled around, and after two days of pouring sugar down my throat, I needed a pick-me-up to get my week started on the right track. That left me with only four days providing I actually hoisted my dimply ass back on the wagon on Tuesday to repair the damage I did in the previous three days.

In order to maintain, this “strategy” required me to play the role of perfect “dieter” the rest of the week until I hopped on the scale again on Saturday. This self-inflicted yo-yo relegated me to constant chaos. While I may not like the fact that I need to make conscious decisions about my food intake, it is what it is.

I must make some long-term changes that I can incorporate in my life forever! That is the only way I will escape the diet mentality. My goal is to behave in such a way that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Sure I’ll have some ups and downs to navigate, but that is very different than existing in the world of perfection or sloth-dom.

This week I’m practicing portion control, and even planning small treats throughout my week. Making responsible decisions put me in a comfortable position to take pleasure in my food choices – no guilt. The past two nights I enjoyed chocolate ice cream. Did you know that a half-gallon of ice cream actually contains 16 servings? I found that unbelievable, but I also rediscovered I can eat a half-cup of ice cream and be content. Sure, I would rather devour half the container, but would that leave me eight times as satisfied? What do you think?


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  1. Like you, my ice cream containers only have one or two servings {hangs head in shame}. Most of the time I exercise the will power to avoid bringing ice cream home, but when I do… Shazaam!!!! Gone in a flash…. 😦

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