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Tempting As It May Be

I’m tired of big holiday tins of mixed nuts and platters of homemade cookies perched on every table. Every time I walk into the lounge at work, I’m confronted with this shit, and it usually happens when I’m feeling the most vulnerable…ready to gnaw my arm off.

Everything progresses just fine as I snack on cut up veggies mid-morning, but then I decide to add a few extra steps to my day instead of sending an email. I’m trying to do a good thing by following the 10,000 steps in a day rule. I walk in the lounge, and there they lay – salty cashews. I adore cashews. I love the texture and smell. The peculiar shape intrigues me, and I feel like I hit the mother lode when I find whole nuts since their little tails break off so easily. Cashews are a little sweeter and a tad bit softer than a peanut, and don’t forget bigger! My husband hates cashews because they stick to his teeth, but I have to admit, I even like that part.

I stand in the workroom for a moment contemplating whether or not I’m going to grab the tin and run. For better or worse, a colleague approaches me and begins talking. I’m not sure what she says because all that I am thinking is, “shut the hell up and move out of my way, I need the nuts!” Then I see cookies next to the nuts, and I wonder how long they’ve been sitting there. Are they still fresh; homemade; store bought? Focus Melissa. The woman seems oblivious to the little treat behind her which probably explains the fact she weighs about 120 pounds. Humph!

I manage to resist the temptation, although I may have agreed to serve on some psycho committee since I have no recollection of the conversation. I high-tail it out of the danger zone and head back to the safety of my office. Forget adding steps to my workday, I’m sticking to email! I’ll just have to increase the evening activity.

Everyone I know – even terminally skinny people – talk about what a difficult time of year it is to navigate around all the extra food. They confess that come January, they’re going to have to “Buckle Down.” What I want to know is why the hell do people keep making and buying the garbage if nobody wants it around? Maybe we need to start some type of chain letter to address this sort of thing.

When I avoid sticky situations during this December Food Festival, I often end up feeling like I need some sort of reward… a cheeseburger or hot fudge sundae says job well done.

It’s about survival. How’s that for holiday spirit? I feel pretty good now, but I know I can’t let my guard down. The thing that helps the most (for today anyway) is exercise and eating well-thought out, attractive looking meals. It is extremely important to feel satisfied. Currently, I don’t trust myself to go anywhere without sugarless gum. My jaws get quite the workout, but it prevents mindless munching. Sometimes just the act of chewing diffuses the urge…kind of like a baby with a pacifier.

I’m trying to remember the small victories along the way and think about where I want to be January 1 when the unadulterated festive group binging comes to an end… 20 days and counting!


2 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I find I can resist temptation at least 3 times, but after that 3rd day, it gets so hard. I’ve had candy in my car for about 3 weeks now, and today, during a tiny, 3-minute mental-health break in my car, after a very, ongoing, stressful day, I ate the bag of candy. It was 6 pieces of gummy-type candy. Could have been worse, but how did I resist it for weeks and give in today? So frustrating!

  2. Why don’t people lay out festive vegetable platters for the holidays? More healthy snacks I say!!

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